Making it easier to expand abroad

Expand Abroad Services simplifies the process of expanding your business internationally and establishing valuable new business contacts.

What value can we bring to your company?

We have a great of experience in business development and optimizing internal processes to boost profitability. Our expertise extends to assisting your company with business acquisitions and fostering strong relationships with partners, thereby strengthening your position in the new market.

Using our extensive network, you gain access to a diverse range of opportunities through suppliers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, agents, customers, and staffing companies. We serve as the ideal local partner for your company, whether you’re operating in Sweden or the Baltics.

Our customers primarily are small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry. Over the years, we have successfully collaborated with businesses from various sectors, including the metal and machinery industry, forestry industry, road construction machinery industry, steel construction, and construction and building material industry.

Business Partner Search

Finding the right business partner is absolutely crucial. If traditional channels have not yielded the desired results, we are here to streamline your search process.

Company or site visits

When considering doing business in a foreign country, conducting company or site visits is essential. These visits provide invaluable insights into the country's business culture, economy, business climate, and safety standards.

Subcontractor Search

Our network comprises a wide range of suppliers, subcontractors, and OEM manufacturers in the manufacturing industry, both in Sweden and the Baltics.

Buy an existing business

Considering expansion into a new market? With our extensive network, we can easily connect sellers and buyers in both Sweden and the Baltics, facilitating the acquisition process.

Otsid uut koostööpartnerit või klienti?

Kui soovid olla esindatud meie ettevõtete kontaktvõrgustikus, mille abil on võimalik leida uusi koostööpartnereid või kliente tööstusvaldkonnas nii Eesti kui Rootsi turul, siis liitu meiega siin. Liitumiseks on vaja täita vorm ettevõtte informatsiooniga.


An overview of exhibitions, company events and conferences in the manufacturing industry
that take place in both Sweden and Estonia.


Selection of our references