Expanding into international markets opens up new business opportunities and enables your company to grow exponentially. However, it’s crucial to understand the challenges that come with entering a new market. The key to international success lies in finding the right partner who comprehends the local market, cross-cultural differences, and language, enabling effective communication with the local audience.

We possess invaluable local market knowledge, is fluent in the local languages, and understand the Swedish and Estonian business cultures. With our support, your company can save both time and money. By that, entering the Swedish or Estonian market becomes a smoother and more successful attempt.

Business Partner Search

Finding the right business partner is absolutely crucial. If traditional channels have not yielded the desired results, we are here to streamline your search process. Our aim is to help you identify and establish contact with right business partners in Sweden and the Baltics. Using our extensive network and through database searches, we screen the market to find suitable partners tailored to your company’s needs, be it suppliers, subcontractors, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, customers, or agents.

Conducting thorough market research is highly recommended to gather essential information about your target market. Seeking opinions and feedback from end-customers regarding their interest in your product or service in the local market is invaluable. The research is vital when choosing sales channels and devising effective marketing strategies for your services or products in the local market. One can conduct market research through survey, product testing, or interviews.

Manufacturer or Supplier Search

Our network comprises a wide range of suppliers, subcontractors, and OEM manufacturers in the manufacturing industry, both in Sweden and the Baltics. Additionally, we use company databases to locate the most suitable partners for your specific requirements. Our primary objective is to assist you in finding reliable and fitting suppliers, subcontractors, or OEM manufacturers to enhance your company’s profitability. By gaining a deep understanding of your challenges and needs, we conduct a targeted search for partners that align perfectly with your company’s goals.  

Company or site visits

When considering doing business in a foreign country, conducting company or site visits is essential. These visits provide invaluable insights into the country’s business culture, economy, business climate, and safety standards. Moreover, they offer excellent networking opportunities and pave the way for building and nurturing stronger business relations. Our services aim to ensure you make the most out of your company visits. We handle all the practical aspects, allowing you to focus solely on your business objectives and making the most of your visit. With our support, you can explore the business landscape with ease and confidence.

Buy an existing business

Considering expansion into a new market? One effective approach is to acquire an existing business or become a part-owner. This strategic move can lead to significant time and cost savings, while also positioning your company more strongly in the market. With our extensive network, we can easily connect sellers and buyers in both Sweden and the Baltics, facilitating the acquisition process.

In partnership with our associates in Sweden and Estonia, we provide comprehensive assistance in valuing companies using various theoretical methods employed in business valuation. The valuation methods are tailored to suit the unique nature of the business and the specific industry it operates in. Furthermore, we guide you in getting in touch with local experts, such as lawyers or accountants, who play a vital role in the acquisition process. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and successful acquisition, maximizing the benefits for your company.