Entering the Swedish or Estonian market can be difficult without  understanding the cross-cultural differences. We are here to support  you reducing linguistic and cultural barriers, and to make it easier to  enter the Swedish or Estonian market in the manufacturing industry.  We have the local market knowledge, speak the local language, and  understand the Swedish and Estonian business culture. Your company  saves both time and money with our support, and has a better chance to be successful. 

Supplier or customer search

We help you to streamline the work of your company’s sales or purchasing team. We are specialized in finding potential suppliers or customers in the manufacturing industry by using parameters that are essential for your company. We list all the potential clients and/ or suppliers which could be of interest to you. Essential parameters can be turnover, geographical area, number of employees, specific industries, specific end customers, or other characteristics.

Supplier or customer contact

Finding the right contact in a foreign market can be much more difficult than you initially thought. We support your purchasing
manager or sales representative by finding the right contacts for them. Further, we help you to get in touch with them and offer your company’s products or services and set up a first meeting to discuss future collaboration. If you wish, we use your company’s existing customers or selected suppliers to get in touch with them.

Industry specific insights

We can provide you with an overview of your business area in  Sweden or Estonia. With an industry specific insight, we highlight the  industry situation, possible barriers to entry, trends and industry specific rules, standards, and required licenses. 

Participation in exhibitions

Participation in an exhibition is an activity that brings various benefits, but it also involves investing time and resources to achieve the desired success. We help you to prepare and participate in local exhibitions to find potential customers or suppliers, and we identify them before visiting the exhibition. At the exhibition, we introduce your company and your products or services and express your interest in establishing a collaboration with potential customers or suppliers. Afer the exhibition, we follow up all contacts and fulfil what was promised to potential customers or suppliers in those meetings.